5 brilliant vet website designs

Most vet website designs are not very good. That makes the quest for inspiration and innovative ideas for your practice a challenging endeavor. To help you out, we have meticulously curated a list of five outstanding websites.

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Sploot’s website design exudes a blend of modern minimalism and warmth. Their muted color palette is sometimes splashed by soft teal and a playful but stark serif typeface. Candid photographs capture genuine moments between staff members and pets–elements of authenticity and heartwarming appeal.


Felix&Fido showcases clean and contemporary design, accentuated by a balanced use of white space and a harmonious color palette. Imagery of pet parents with their pets adds warmth and relatability. The typography, particularly the headline, is bold and legible, exuding a sense of professionalism and trust.

Truss Vet

Truss Vet exudes a modern and sleek aesthetic, utilizing a cool color palette dominated by shades of blue, which conveys a sense of trust and professionalism. The use of in-house shot photography, featuring intimate moments between the staff and pets, creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The typography is unique, we appreciate seeing a premium typeface on veterinary websites.

Modern Animal

Modern Animal radiates a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic with its clean lines and muted color palette. In-clinic photography, capturing candid moments between veterinary staff and pets, imparts an authentic and relatable vibe. Additionally, the subtle use of hand-drawn illustrations adds a touch of warmth and approachability to the overall design.

Bond Vet

Bond Vet’s website showcases a modern and vibrant design. They utilize a mix of typography weights to draw emphasis messages. Overlapping compositions of images and illustrations create visual interest. The color palette is predominantly white, accentuated with pops of red and subtle pastels, which lends a fresh and energetic feel.

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